A&D Strategy

  • A&D Strategy
  • Creative Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions
  • Trends Workshops

If you feel like your team is struggling to develop the right tools to get in front of key specifiers  and make the process a repeatable success, you’re not alone. We were engaged by a large furniture dealer with national reach to help its sales reps target architects and designers more effectively. Leaders at the dealership found that many reps with ‘rogue’ techniques were doing more harm than good by making sales calls without the education and tools needed to inform a successful sales strategy. We were brought in, and traveled the country working with local regions to conduct mini strategy sessions to help reps define the local market, identify their strongest prospects, and brainstorm opportunities to broaden their reach. We took it one step further, enhancing the learning process by conducting monthly phone calls with the reps on a variety of industry-leading topics to help them stay up to speed on hot industry trends.

In today’s marketplace, it is becoming ever more challenging to get in front of the right audience. Firms have strict policies and tight schedules, and the largest firms don’t always prove to be the most profitable places to spend your time. We know how to work together with your unique sales teams to develop customizable strategies that make sense for YOUR business and give you practical tools that help make your team thrive with confidence.