Brand Engagement Surveys

  • Surveys
  • Insight Interviews
  • Creative Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions

BIFMA contacted us to help explore member perceptions of the organization. Because it is tough for anyone to “see the label on your own jar,” we leveraged broad industry perspective to develop a series of research data points to help BIFMA do just that, PLUS identify key opportunities for future growth. What started as a simple online survey for members evolved into a series of insight interviews, resulting in broad perspective from a variety of industry stakeholders. The research then was presented to the BIFMA Board of Directors at a strategy session facilitated by our consultants, and helped the diverse group focus on facts in order to agree upon a cohesive strategy for BIFMA’s future direction.

Tom Reardon commented on his experience working with us, “As a direct result of the ThinkLab’s market research, as well as insights into broader marketplace dynamics, the BIFMA Board of Directors was able to quickly come to consensus regarding future strategic direction for the organization during a recent strategy session.” Following the session, Jim Keane, BIFMA board member and President/CEO of Steelcase, said of our team, “It is difficult to get this diverse group of leaders on the same page. This was not only valuable, but a very enjoyable process.” From providing content for new marketing tools to brainstorming on their expanding strategies, BIFMA continues to leverage our extensive, industry-neutral viewpoint on the marketplace.