Furniture Forum Strategic Facilitation

  • Process Facilitation
  • Creative Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions
  • Change Management
  • Surveys

CBRE, the world’s largest global corporate real estate firm, engaged us to facilitate a long-overdue, industry-wide discussion about improving the furniture specification process. What started as a mutual observation between our team and CBRE of growing “furniture fatigue” culminated in an event on April 20, 2017 in Chicago titled, “CBRE Furniture Forum: Unraveling Furniture Frustrations.” According to a post-event survey, more than 85 percent of attendees said they learned something new, and more than 87 percent said they are likely or very likely to try something different in their own furniture process after this discussion.

Due to industry demand for a continued conversation, together with CBRE, we kicked off a second event in Washington, D.C., and a “Chicago 2.0” discussion in the fall of 2017. Both were renamed, “CBRE Furniture Forum: Creating Better Client Outcomes” to highlight the focus on improving the furniture purchasing process for the individuals we serve: the client. Both events explore new process ideas through extensive client interviews, individual discussions, and facilitated group sessions. Energy continues to build around the conversation with possible additional events planned for 2018.

Julie Deignan, head of CBRE’s CBRE Furniture Advisory Services group said of the process, “When CBRE Furniture Advisory Services wanted to start a game-changing discussion, we decided to partner with ThinkLab. They leveraged their broad industry perspective to skillfully facilitate a process that inspired us to dig deeper and think bigger. We would not have accomplished our goals without this talented and passionate team.”

Read more about the Chicago events here, here, and here, and the D.C. event here.  For a full summary, click here.

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