Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

We regularly develop Continuing Education Units (CEU) that help design professionals maintain their AIA, IIDA, ASID, or LEED professional certifications through AIA, IDCEC, and GBCI. Since the downturn of 2008-2009, many design firms are operating with fewer staff while still trying to meet the same demands on time and capacity. It is becoming more difficult to get in front of designers with product alone. Many manufacturers and distributors are looking to CEUs as a way to access an otherwise less accessible audience.

Here’s what makes us exceptional at this: We leverage our connections in the market to maintain a keen understanding of topics that are interesting to specifiers today, and merge that with key messages relevant to your brand. The result is a compelling story that people want to hear. (Believe us when we say there are A LOT of dull ones out there!) Although CEUs cannot be product presentations, if done right, they can effectively raise questions to which your product is the natural answer. CEUs are an effective way to position your company as solving a problem rather than selling a good or service.

Generating a natural lead to your product is fantastic, but we don’t stop there. Our staff specializes in training presenters to roll out CEUs, making them engaging and fun. We also often translate CEU content into handouts, whitepapers, blog posts and other impactful marketing tools.

Below is a sampling of titles with many more underway. We would be happy to connect you with any of the following manufacturers to schedule a CEU!

BIFMA Demystifying Furniture’s Role in Sustainability (coming soon!)
Izzy+ Back and Forth: Shifting from Monologue to Dialogue, and Other Key K-12 Learning Trends
Landscape Forms Designing the Outdoor Room: Insights into the Planning and Value of the Activated Outdoor Space
LightCorp Illumination Explained Simply
MDC The Noise Around Acoustics & The Art Factor
Nucraft The Changing Face of Meeting Space
RT London Living and Learning: Student Housing as a Critical Component to Higher Education

Stay tuned for more exciting CEUs in the works from SOURCE International, National, Izzy, Nucraft, and Camira (to name just a few)!

  • CEU Development & Training
  • White Paper Development
  • eBook and Blog Writing