Industry Workshops

Contract Interiors is a complex market. Even with decades of collective industry experience amongst our consultants, we still are learning more, too. Whether you are new to the industry and want to understand the crazy world we live in, or you are an industry veteran wanting to understand more about trends and evolving complexities, our workshop sessions will help provoke insightful conversation and strategy discussions for even the most experienced industry veterans.

Tectonic Plates Workshop. In response to an incredible amount of feedback on a recent article titled, Contract Furniture’s Tectonic SHIFTCCG developed a workshop around a series of Ten Tectonic Plates that are driving immense change in the contract interiors industry. We leverage our broad, objective perspective to make sense of this complex time of industry change and leave you inspired with tangible ideas to drive your business forward.

Dealer of the Future.  After wrapping CCG’s Cross Functional Exploration that dove into the furniture bidding and purchasing process, one thing became clear: as we look at who has the biggest appetite for change, today, more than ever, it’s dealers. Building on our Tectonic Plates workshop, this session will leverage CCG’s industry-neutral perspective and research to help your dealership make sense of these tectonic shifts, and will lead you through a series of brainstorm and strategy sessions to help identify clear plans to move your business forward.

Industry 101 Workshop.   What started as a workshop designed to foster understanding of contract interiors for companies new to the market has evolved into a tool that helps new industry recruits get up to speed faster. This industry is complex, but you’re not alone. We’ll show you the ropes and let you ask all the questions you like. (Don’t hold back.)

Cross-Functional Process Mapping for the Future of Furniture.  How we work is changing. Furniture is changing. Our process has not changed. CCG spent nearly a full year hosting cross-functional discussions with corporate real estate, A&D, furniture manufacturers, and dealers on how to improve the furniture buying process. If you want to hear all the insights we learned (think fly on the wall, but cooler), this workshop is for you.

Business Strategy Development.  Developing a strong growth strategy that encompasses the intricacies of this industry can be tough. We’re here to help with this strategy-building session that will address your unique niches, speak to your audience, and inspire organizational growth. You’ll walk away with valuable tools including a clear vision, SWOT, key priorities, target market analysis, and a compelling value proposition. With proven facilitation techniques, we pull out your team’s best thinking, leaving your organization engaged and energized about the future.  It’s like a 5-hour energy drink without the headache.

Demystifying Furniture’s Role in Sustainability.  If you are confused by all the “green washing” out there, you’re not alone. A mind-boggling number of environmental standards exist. It seems each day something is greener, better, and calling louder than the standards of years past. This CEU workshop will seek to define and compare leading building rating programs on the market and then explain the key role of sustainable furniture (and product certifications) within each. Originally developed by CCG on behalf of BIFMA, we are offering this CEU to manufacturers and dealers who seek a guide to help also demystify the unique steps needed on YOUR sustainability journey. Finally, everything explained in one easy format. (With a personal guide to boot!)

Tips of the Trade: Solidifying Your A&D Strategy
Part 1: A&D 101
New to the world of calling on Architects & Designers (A&D)? Let us give you a quick tip: The influencer sales process is quite different than other sales processes. In this workshop, we will explain the process of calling on A&D and give you tips and tangible tools to establish, measure, and grow your business.
Part 2: A&D Strategy
Looking to broaden your impact on A&D in your market? In this workshop, we will lead you through a strategy session to streamline your time spent with A&D for maximum impact. By the end of this session, you will have clear targets, defined goals, and real-time tools to measure progress.

Evolving the Mindset in Today’s Bid Process  (Coming Soon).  This workshop is designed to help dealers thrive in today’s ever-evolving bid process. We’ll share findings from extensive conversations with designers and corporate real estate professionals to help you discover details around how the traditional furniture bid and purchase process is changing. These key takeaways will help to train and prepare your team to collaborate with in-industry colleagues in the most effective ways possible.

  • Trends Workshops
  • Creative Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions