Industry & Product Research

  • Research Studies
  • White Paper Development
  • Surveys
  • Insight Interviews
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Creative Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Product Concept Validation

Recognizing the rising attention on wellness in corporate environments, KI originally hired us to explore shifting attitudes around Active Design. We embarked on a six-month study, including interviews and surveys that gathered perspectives of workers and industry practitioners. Read more about the nine leading principles of Active Design here. We helped KI to push these concepts even further by facilitating creative brainstorming sessions across the United States between interior and industrial designers. Stay tuned for exciting new product launches as a result!

Another project included exploring tech companies, where we conducted research on how and why they are driving workplace change like no other industry. We uncovered the attributes that are most important to tech workers and determined how other industries are using those attributes to attract and retain top talent for the future. This compelling content spurred the development of a CEU, and can be seen on KI’s “De-bug the Workplace” site here.

Beyond these projects, our team remains a go-to, behind-the-scenes resource for many KI projects. From co-exploration of other leading trends, to CEU development, to product-focused evaluations, KI’s Product Development and Marketing teams value ThinkLab as a true partner. Jonathan Webb, KI VP of Sales, Marketing & Workplace Strategy, says, “ThinkLab is my go-to source for research projects on various workplace topics. Their knowledge of our industry and connections within it make my projects go more smoothly, which helps KI produce unique, impactful output in a timely manner.”   

Our core passion is creating unique market research like we did for KI to help draw meaningful connections between what matters to you and your business, and what industry experts have to say in response. The insights gained from this work are incredibly rich and insightful, and help companies keep their finger on the pulse of their markets in an authentic way.