LEVEL 2019 Sustainability Certification and its Role in the Selection of Furniture

March 14, 2019 by

Welcome soon-to-be-certified presenter of BIFMA’s newest CEU called, BIFMA LEVEL CEU 2.0: An evaluation and certification system for environmentally-preferable and socially responsible office furniture.


This is a self-paced study designed to prepare you to become a certified presenter of the CEU.  We have provided for you a number of tools to help you familiarize yourself with the material. This page will be the place you can come to get:

  • The CEU presentation in PowerPoint format
  • Presenter notes a.k.a. “the script”
  • 4 Videos that correspond with each of the learning objectives of the CEU
  • 1 Video aimed specifically at the presenters of the old LEVEL CEU
  • Links to online quizzes to support your learning

If you are the kind of learner that likes paper, please print the notes to follow along with the recording. There, the script will be read to you along with some inside information to help you with both content and context.

Once you feel comfortable with the content in the learning objective, click on the link to take the associated quiz. Your score will immediately be made available to you. We’re looking for a score of 80% or greater to pass each learning module.

When it comes to adults and learning, research shows us that repetition is one of the most powerful tools you can use to learn and remember new information.  We encourage you to listen to the recordings often.

Once you have completed all of the quizzes with a passing score, please reach out to Jennifer Wammack jwammack@bifma.org to let her know. From there you’ll shortly be able to begin presenting.

Start here:

Download full presentation (PowerPoint)

Download PDF of script


Learning Objective A

Learning Objective A Quiz

Learning Objective A Presentation Recording with Insights 

Learning Objective B

Learning Objective B Quiz

Learning Objective B Presentation Recording with Insights 

Learning Objective C

Learning Objective C Quiz

Learning Objective C Presentation Recording with Insights

Learning Objective D

Learning Objective D Quiz

Learning Objective D Presentation Recording with Insights