Market Strategy Facilitation

  • Creative Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions
  • Business Strategy

Our approach to facilitating a market strategy session is simple: we pull out your best thinking, challenge the team, and align the organization toward profitable growth. Our strategy consultants have been in your shoes – leading organizations and navigating difficult change. We are experienced facilitators who know how to discover market opportunities, core competencies and strategic fit, while penetrating underlying root causes, culture challenges and organizational roadblocks. And we know the industry and its players, and have a growing network of engaged professionals ready to validate your hypotheses and keep you on track.

For one particular project with a mid-sized ancillary furniture manufacturer, we were called in to assess one of their key markets.  This family owned business was growing, yet profitability waned in some segments.  The results of the research indicated a need to step back and look at the entire business.

Using the Business Model Canvas tool from Strategyzer, we mapped their current business and then assessed new opportunities against that map.  This immediately illuminated the disconnects causing the confusion and extra effort.  So we clarified core competencies, assessed market opportunities and then assisted the team in analyzing their own data through our “ThinkLab lens”. The result was clear strategies and an action plan to realign resources in more impactful directions.

Through a process of articulating the future vision and identifying key priorities necessary to move in that direction, we guided the leadership team toward creating a clear path. This required open dialogue, healthy debate and difficult decision-making. The leaders of this organization made important decisions and now own that path forward.  By providing the tools and analysis to help solve the problem in new ways, we were able to provide the client with a strong vision to lead them on the next steps of their journey.