New Market Studies

  • Research Studies
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Insight Interviews
  • Creative Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions
  • Product Development Strategy

We have worked with multiple manufacturers to evaluate new market opportunities.To build a well-rounded and complete analysis of potential in a new market, we typically take a four-part approach.

1. Market Dynamics and Trends: We translate readily available secondary research to the contract interiors market, identifying key economic drivers and growth factors for each market.

2. Market Opportunity: From fabric to lighting to tables, we analyze the data to estimate what an opportunity might look like for specific product offerings.

3. Main Specifying Groups: We utilize grassroots strategies and connections to get to the “in-crowd” of specifiers to discover what makes them chose what they chose, uncover intricacies of product specification in those markets, and identify key competitors. We conduct a series of insight interviews to gain perspective into the decision-making and buying process for a particular category and help define what is required to sell into that specific market.

4. Competitive Landscape: We capitalize on our industry perspective to create and analyze an overview of top competitors, helping us understand where there may be unmet needs in the market. We then translate that information into easily digestible formats to facilitate business decisions.

While we can’t share specifics of these studies, we are happy to share enthusiastic references, such as Sheri Cuccarese with Nucraft, who said, “ThinkLab has completed several projects for us to date. ThinkLab brings an invaluable breadth of experience, they are quick to understand your objectives, and deliver high quality results. I have been immensely pleased with the projects completed for us both in content and timing. ThinkLab has become a great asset to our team.”