Shifting Spaces: Blurring the Lines between vertical markets

June 13, 2019 by

Welcome future presenters of MDC’s CEU! The title is,  Shifting Spaces: Blurring the lines between vertical markets. This is an image-driven presentation designed to help you discuss the shifting aesthetics of commercial spaces that are happening across all vertical markets. Rather than a CEU geared toward one product, this one was created to help you pitch any of your products. We’ll show what drivers are influencing trends in each of the vertical markets and set you up to tell the story of commercial quality products, and need for them to perform, no matter what the aesthetic. We see you being able to adapt this presentation to the audience in front of you to focus on the work they do. Bear in mind, you may not speak of any product specifically, nor may you speak about any project they are working on, but you can discuss the benefits of, for example, nature in a space, or durability being important to the space.


This is a self-paced study program designed to prepare you to become a certified presenter of the CEU. We have provided for you a number of tools to help you familiarize yourself with the material. This page will be the place you can come to get:


  • The CEU presentation in PowerPoint format
  • The official “script” (Remember, no one is supposed to memorize anything! It’s there for guidance)
  • 4 videos that loosely correspond with each of the individual sections of the CEU. 
  • Links to online quizzes to support your learning
  • Full bibliography


Here are the steps to becoming a certified CEU presenter.


  1. Download the CEU and go through the slides a little to orient yourself with the presentation.
  2. Read the provided articles to give you background on some key points of the content. These aren’t the only articles that we used to source the information in the presentation, but these should give you a decent grounding. If at all possible, you should read as many of the articles as possible from the full bibliography. The more you read up on the research, the more you’ll be able to make this presentation your own.
  3. Watch/listen to the provided recordings. These will be available to you to use as you get up to speed and then also as you need to freshen up on the content if you go a while between presentations. Recordings for each of the Sections of the presentations are provided in video format so you can see the slide as it is being explained. The other recording is an audio-only file for listening on the go—both are the same content except for the absence/presence of the video.
  4. Take the four quizzes below that will cover the content in the presentation. Keep in mind that the quizzes do not line up with the slides. They are separate and will have questions that are in multiple videos. Once you have gotten 80% or higher on all four quizzes, reach out to Maureen Estrada who will complete the process of your certification.
  5. Practice! Remember that the more often you give this presentation the better it will be. Pro tip: Present to your friendliest accounts first, not your best accounts. Work out your kinks on the people who will still use you and your products even if it isn’t your best presentation ever.


Start here:

Download full presentation (PowerPoint)

Download PDF of Script 

  Download Bibliography



Articles that would be beneficial for you to read to support your path to becoming certified.

Corporate Articles:





Senior Living:




Fast Food:




Video Slides 1-8 

Audio-Only Recording Slides 1-8

Video Slides 9-21

Audio-Only Recording Slides 9-21

Video Slides 22-43

Audio-Only Recording Slides 22-43

Video Slides 44-End

Audio-Only Recording 44-End



Quick point for you, these quizzes are not about the videos. All of the questions in the quizzes can come from each of the learning objectives and each of the sections.

First Quiz

Second Quiz 

Third Quiz

Fourth Quiz