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Focused on the Design Ecosystem

We are the only market research firm wholly focused on the design ecosystem.

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Rooted in Industry Experience

We possess a deep understanding that comes from having lived the worlds of both manufacturing and design.

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Empowering Informed Decisions

We are uniquely positioned to translate data into actionable insights that drive your business forward, faster.

Focused on the design ecosystem:

ThinkLab exists at the intersection of business and design.

Our passion is connecting the worlds of manufacturing and design to help you make decisions armed with industry-specific market research.

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Rooted in Industry Experience:

Fast-forward your approach to industry insights.

Don’t waste time bringing non-industry consultants up to speed when you can partner with experts. Having worked in A&D firms and manufacturing headquarters, ThinkLab has research specific to your areas of focus.

Recent ThinkLab Research:

U.S. Design Industry Benchmark Report:

The average designer has 26x as much specification power as the average American has buying power. That number can be up to 111x for Interior Design Giants of Design specifiers.

Average Consumer Spending Power
Average Designer Specifying Power
Designer from Top 200 Firm Specifying Power
1 1
Number of Design Firms in the U.S. in 2020.
1 %
year-over-year increase in number of design firms.

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Empowering Informed Decisions:

Experience content that inspires action.

ThinkLab keeps a finger on the pulse of industry economics and design process innovation to track trends that will drive our future.

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Our Perspective on Hot Industry Topics:

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Latest Article

Design Evolution: What You Need to Know About Gen Z in the Workplace

Curious about the influence of the next generation of designers on the industry? ThinkLab shares insights on their specification process and what to consider as we look toward recruiting, retaining and even selling to Gen Z within the interiors industry.

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June Digital Seminar

Starting Fresh: How Workplace Designers are Meeting the Needs of a Changed World

Join ThinkLab and leaders from Interior Design Giants of Design firms for a complimentary digital seminar discussing the pressing needs, evolution, and design thinking that is driving the future of the workplace.

ThinkLab's Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast Season 3


Episode 07: The Future of NeoCon Shows

In this episode, ThinkLab’s Amanda Schneider interviews Byron Morton, vice president of sales and leasing forNeoCon and theMART, and Avinash Rajagopal, editor-in-chief of Metropolis to explore the key issues driving the changes and conversations anticipated at the design industry’s annual trade show.

Design Nerds Anonymous is brought to you in part by Mannington Commercial, Keilhauer, theMart and NeoCon.

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