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Research Developed for You:

Great Design in the Great Outdoors

This report was created to equip designers with unbiased research that validates the importance of designing exterior environments, especially today. *Research sponsored by TUUCI.

1 %
of Designers believe that in the last 2 years there has been an increasing focus placed on the design of outdoor environments as part of the overall context of designing a space


The aesthetics of outdoor spaces are important to contributing to the success of the overall built environment because they:

Give people an alternate place to relax
Give people an alternate place to work
Give people an alternate place to meet

Explore hot topics:

Access insights at the intersection of business and design.

Modern office environment with big windows and natural table tops.

8 Resources to Prepare for the Future of the Design Industry

In his 2017 book, The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters, Thomas M. Nichols discusses the death of expertise.

workplace in warm tones to promote work-life balance

Using Design to Express the Humanistic Elements of a Brand

“We believe the purpose of both design and designer is to guide. To provoke, to clarify, to move people emotionally and functionally forward. Whether through big transformations or everyday tasks, design should make people and business work smarter.”

image of living forest concept

Why Design is More than Pretty Pictures

Here’s a bold statement that we all need to be reminded of. Pinterest has altered the design world – but it hasn’t replaced the need of a designer.

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Experience left-brain topics translated for the right-brained crowd.

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ThinkLab’s monthly digital seminars and Design Nerds Anonymous podcast bring big industry thinkers together to fuel the creative process and spark curiousity at the intersection of business and design.

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Digital Seminar

The Future of Materiality

Explore new technologies, ideas, and inspiration for the design ecosystem. Designed for:

  • Audience: A&D, manufacturers, independent reps, distributors, and end users
  • Beginner to experienced professional


Design Nerds Anonymous podcast cover


Design Nerds Anonymous: Season 1, Episode 1

ThinkLab explores the power of design to influence both change and early indicators (and opportunities) for disruption within the industry.


MIX IT UP: Why Movement in the Workplace Matters More Than Ever

This report is a tool for designers to use with their clients to validate the importance of integrating movement into the workplace. While not a new trend, this 3rd-party research supports your ability to sell your clients on the design direction, products, and amenities you want to infuse into their space.

Cover of ThinkLab Mix It Up Report

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